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Kat Sullivan is a Certified Medical Reiki Master Teacher, Self-Care Coach, Up Groove Visioning Workshop Leader and the founder of Reiki Groove. She became a Reiki Practitioner after a traumatic accident left her battling the symptoms of PTSD. Reiki found Kat. After personally receiving a series of Reiki sessions (from a client and the Reiki Master Teacher who would be her teacher) to relieve these symptoms, she found the experience not only to be profoundly healing, but life changing. "I knew unequivocally that this was a healing modality that I wanted to master and use to elevate the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of my fellow humans.” She knows that with Reiki, ANYTHING is possible!


She is passionate about approaching each client where they are and also teaching a way of life that embraces our truth, and helps develop a community that supports our gift and journey. Her focus is to provide healing through Reiki to women professionals who are experiencing stress related symptoms, who are serious about moving beyond not only the what they receive through a Reiki session, but fully embracing and committing to the next new chapters and adventures in their lives. “Through the Reiki Principles; I live and teach Reiki as a way of life."


Kat was awarded a Medical Reiki Master certification by Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies concentrating in Humanities and Communications, was a Corporate Recruiter in Human Resources for 20 years and five years ago started a pet care business, which led her to Reiki. She lives a Vegan lifestyle, meditates regularly, and enjoys yoga, hiking, listening to music, singing and is learning to play guitar. She lives in Asheville with her Schipperke pup Petey.

"Facing the possibility of surgery for arthritis, I sought alternatives to address the pain and possibly postponing or not having the surgery. I not only found my pain somewhat relieved, but I experienced mental clarity on 2 issues in my life and an emotional peace. Two visions occurred, and I am exploring their meaning. Quite honestly, I do not understand exactly how Reiki “works”, but it doesn’t really matter. Kat was a consummate professional who patiently explained what Reiki is and is not. She is a gentle soul and I look forward to more Reiki experiences. I highly recommend her."

Jill K.


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