About Reiki - continued

... have shared experiences of vortices of magnetic and electromagnetic energy as in Sedona, Es Vedra in Spain, the Northern Lights and volcanos.


Our entire world is filled with energy. This includes the rotation of the earth and other natural vibrations that we experience just through living: ocean waves, mountain breezes, the energy produced by sonic forces in the music we love. It's our air, the sun that shines down, the energy gained from the food we eat and millions of other vibrations. WE are part of this life force mixture and can access all the positivity it has to offer.


​Similarly, negative energy is more than slang for someone or something that's "a downer." Negative forces are every bit as real and when negative thoughts or feelings disrupt a person's life force energy, it can cause illness, disillusion, lack of joy and create a sense of being stuck. Ultimately, Reiki affirms that a positive energetic approach to life means addressing the mind, body and spirit. All three are vital in a Reiki treatment. 

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