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What is Visioning?

Visioning is a relevant and important tool to create a clear, heart-centered, abundant life and business. The process of Visioning involves going within, asking questions, being open to what answers come, noticing where we might be uncomfortable and moving forward through it, setting intentions, collaboration AND then we have the tools to create our sacred Vision Board, and declare and manifest our authentic journey. So Visioning is more than creating the Vision Board. There’s important work to do together to set up the most powerful tool for you!


The Law of Attraction states “like attracts like.” The scientific basis for the LOA is one of the scientific truths that every thought (70,000 per day) we have has a certain frequency and wavelength.


What we create in our lives starts with a thought, then a feeling, action and finally our belief system. Visioning and using the Vision Board tool, can change our thinking all the way through to the actions we take. Consistent visioning creates momentum in our mind and solidifies our beliefs and what we communicate through thoughts, words and actions. This informs the Universe what is reflected back to us. 


Creating and displaying a Vision Board is an active way of practicing gratitude. It also creates a powerful energetic way to clarifying personal and professional goals as well as keeping our attention focused on what’s important to us!

Why do I include Visioning in my offerings?

Reiki Groove offerings are all related to frequency and vibration and we are vibrational beings. These services are directly related to protecting, healing and up-leveling our energy to optimize our physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Receiving Reiki, practicing Self-Care and intentionally doing the Visioning work can independently and in concert create a mindset shift, as well as a grounded, clear and focused place to move along with the life you deserve and truly want.. 

Where are the workshops?

Workshops are held at various Western North Carolina locations. If you are 70 miles outside of Asheville and have a minimum of 10 people confirmed for a Visioning workshop, please contact me for details.

Client Love

"Kat's Visioning workshop clarified what I truly wanted in my business, and my personal life. She brought a group of strangers together and created a community of friends. Kat is truly a gifted soul."

Claudia D.

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