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I've been sharing this article freely lately and for good reason: it sums up many of my own feelings and first hand experience with Reiki. As a practitioner and recipient of Reiki treatments, I know that it is is "a gentle, non-invasive treatment that promotes relaxation and can be performed anywhere, any time," the results are undeniable. Western medicine takes Reiki seriously, as author Sterrett points out.

"The name Reiki is actually derived from two Japanese words, 'rei' and 'ki', together meaning 'universally guided life force energy.' Reiki is not a religion and has no dogma. It is based on the premise that humans are energy beings, with a life-force or “ki” flowing through and around us." While Reiki is often used as an add-on to medical treatment, in my practice at Reiki Groove, I used it to treat PTSD, as part of career and spiritual mentoring and in corporate settings and group workshops. Read the entire article.


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