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"I was a hair colorist for about 50 years. If you could imagine the stress that my body went through. I have suffered from back spasms most of those years. I've tried everything; you name it, I did it. These spasms would last for 3 weeks. Then I met Kat and she told me she was a Reiki Master. When I felt another spasm coming on, I decided to give Kat a try. After my session, I went to sleep and woke up pain free! Kat is a true healer. I could feel the heat from her hands and an energy sensation through my body. The sessions with Kat are wonderful relaxing hours. I think seeing Kat is good for anyone who needs a wellness session." 

JoAnn F.

"I have had a couple sessions with Kat so far. Kat has a gift as a true healer. During my sessions, I could feel sensations of energy in certain areas of my body. I felt deep relaxation. I've had a huge release which has helped me move forward with more clarity. I have had Reiki before but have never experienced this level of progress and healing."

Laura U.

"This was my first time Reiki session and I didn't know what to expect. But my session with Kat was a really great experience. Deep relaxation for an hour. After this session, I had a lot of extra energy and felt very relaxed at the same time."

Martine V.

"My first session with Kat was days before a major surgery and the second a few days afterwards. I'm convinced Reiki sped up my healing process drastically. I've been able not only to heal physically, but mentally and spiritually. Kat is a true healer and I love working with her." 

Sue P.

"What a wonderful/ mind blowing experience! I had no expectation as I'm new to reiki, but I left feeling the most calm and confident that I've felt in a really long time. I had discussed my need to find clarity with Kat and that is exactly what she delivered. Within a few days of my first session, my husband and I decided to sell our home and move our family across the country! We had been struggling to make this decision for a decade and I feel completely confident that reiki / Kat helped me to see this path with total clarity."

April C.

"Facing the possibility of surgery for arthritis, I sought alternatives to address the pain and possibly postponing or not having the surgery. I not only found my pain somewhat relieved, but I experienced mental clarity on 2 issues in my life and an emotional peace. Two visions occurred, and I am exploring their meaning. Quite honestly, I do not understand exactly how Reiki “works”, but it doesn’t really matter. Kat was a consummate professional who patiently explained what Reiki is and is not. She is a gentle soul and I look forward to more Reiki experiences. I highly recommend her."

Jill K.

"August 8, I had my first session with Kat Sullivan. She starts with a guided meditation. Her voice is so soothing that it takes you down quickly. Once she started working with her hands, I began to feel a pulsating sensation in my head, shoulders, chest and arms. It felt like I'd been "activated". I know that sounds weird to say, but that was what came to mind. As her work continued, I noticed I was "in" and "out" which was so special. Having the "out of body" experience is where I believe one finds total relief from stress and daily living. It is like "conscious unconsciousness" - "there but not there". It's a vacation on the table. You will leave feeling fresh, relaxed and renewed. I highly recommend Kat's sessions at Reiki Groove and hope that you will make your appointment ASAP and often. I'll be a regular client!!!"

Brea G.

"I had been feeling the heaviness of a few things and chronic wrist pain and since my treatment have been feeling like a new person! I feel like my heart has opened and my creative juices flowing are flowing, my wrist pain has lessened and my yoga practice has been stronger. Kat has such a calming presence and the treatment was truly a magical experience!"

Emily R.

"Kat is an amazing Reiki master. The session I had from her was exactly what I needed. I haven’t been this relaxed in a long time. Thank you Kat, and I will be back for another session."

Erin M.

"I had an incredible first time reiki experience at Reiki Groove! Kat Sullivan has an absolute gift and the training to back it up. It was all that I could have ever expected and then some! The space was comforting and the essential oils and music made my session the best imaginable. This woman shares her talent for all of the right reasons - simply put, to heal. With amazing intuition, Kat tuned in to every part of me that needed help. She spent plenty of time and I felt so well taken care of, I will certainly go back. Kat is a very special person indeed and I feel lucky to have found her."

Susie C.

"My experience with Kat and Reiki Groove was nothing short of incredible. It was my first time as a Reiki client and I was in such good hands with Kat. She is informative, comforting, and gentle. Her work is noticeable immediately and I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially women, seeking a new experience in energy work. Thank you to Kat and Reiki Groove!"

Cat C.

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