Reiki Treatment

During a Reiki session, you will experience a very light touch of my hands strategically placed on your body according to the Usui Reiki method. You may experience warmth, "goose bumps", memories, light tingling, extreme relaxation or sleep.I also offer treatments where my hands are placed slightly above the body for patients receiving cancer treatments, clients who have PTSD or for those who may be experiencing too much pain or discomfort in a certain areas including but not limited to painful skin conditions.


Generally sessions are between 1 - 1.5 hours. I do in-office as well as in-home sessions for clients with mobility limitations. Rates for in-home sessions will vary based on location.

Medical Reiki

Medical Reiki is a protocol of Integrative Medicine and is based on the Gold Standards and Best Practices developed by Raven Keyes. It brings the loving and healing power of Reiki to patients during surgeries or during other medical treatments such as chemotherapy.

Clinical results have shown that stress is relieved, pain is reduced, less pain medication is needed and healing is quicker.

Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International, LLC is the only company with a Registry of Certified Medical Reiki practitioners trained in how to work safely and unobtrusively with surgical teams, or in any other medical environment. I received my certification from Raven on July 22, 2018. 

Medical Reiki sessions are approximately 1 hour.

Reiki Retreats

Beautiful domestic and international locations are selected for Reiki Groove Reiki retreats. Reiki healing sessions, yoga, meditation in nature and delicious, well prepared healthy meals are among some of what we'll enjoy. The next retreat is in the planning stage for June 2019. More to come soon!

Before booking a service, I ask that my future clients make an appointment so that we can chat about your needs, your goals and to allow me to get to know you - and you me! - better. We want to be "a good fit" and this is important, because my goal is to help you as fully as I can with my training. I know that one size fits all does not apply to reiki treatments, mentoring or most things of value in life. Let's get acquainted, so that I can respectively and knowledgeably help you move forward. 

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